What is Car Detailing and Paint Correction?

Car detailing and paint correction is for the car enthusiast that is serious about keeping his/her car in immaculate condition. Through our 4 stage paint correction and detailing services, we can deliver beyond that showroom finish. The process is carried out meticulously with great precision to ensure maximum results. It is all about restoring and maintaining your vehicles true value.


Our Detailing Process


Step 1

We first start with a decontamination wash which is a thorough cleaning process to remove heavy dirt, road grime and brake dust from the car’s exterior.  We only use high quality and reputable cleaning products to make sure that your car receives the best treatment it deserves. Once this stage is complete, it makes it easier to identify paintwork defects such as swirl marks, scratches and/or bird etching marks.


Step 2

Our Paint Correction process involves removing unwanted below surface scratches and swirls caused over time through improper washing techniques. Our range of G3 products ensure this process is done effortlessly and with great precision. Once this has been completed, our trained detailer inspects the entire vehicle with our optical equipment to ensure we can move on to the next stage.


Step 3

The last step involves refining the vehicle’s paintwork. This enhances the depth and clarity of the paintwork. We then protect the vehicle’s paintwork by either using G3 Pro Wax, a nano coating or paint protection film. Each of these options have their own unique benefits and will be discussed with the client. Once this is completed, we do a final check before the vehicle is handed over back to the client.

Our Work