What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film or PPF is specially designed Ultra Clear PVC films with self-healing and hydrophobic properties that are applied to the surface of the car to protect the cars original paint from stone chips, road rash and other unwanted incidents. PPF helps maintain a cars value and it is advisable to apply PPF when a vehicle is still new, however, through our paint correction process, we can restore a cars paint to its factory finish and beyond delivering a showroom finish, then we apply the paint protection film to lock in that finish and protect and maintain the cars paintwork.


Our PPF Process

Step 1

We first begin with a decontamination wash to remove any embedded dirt in the paintwork. Once the paintwork has been prepped, we move onto the application of the paint protection film.

Step 2

Whether it is pre-cut templates or off the roll and wrapped, our team has the knowledge, experience and skill to deliver the utmost perfection when it comes to paint protection film application.

Step 3

Once the installation is complete, we allow the PPF to cure for 12-24 hours before it is exposed to outside elements. We then apply our Gtechniq Halo Flexible Liquid Coating to add UV protection.

Our Work