Victor's Story

Victor, for many years, worked as a full- time security guard at a nearby complex – alternating those day and long, lonely night shifts. But at shift change, typically in the mornings after a night carefully watching over the community, Victor never went home. Instead, he changed his uniform for blue overalls, picked up his garden shears, rolled his lawn mower over and began to service the very same community’s gardens.

Victor was never without a smile, he never complained of being tired as he knew what his goal was – to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner. After some years Victor had enough clients to no longer need the employment as a security guard. Victor eventually managed to purchase his own company vehicle and employed two staff members to assist him in his garden service company. Such tenacity, determination and hard work is truly admirable.

As a way to assist the marketing of his small business and thus ensure it continues to grow from strength to strength – we branded his work vehicle at no cost. We wanted to thank Victor for being an inspiration to us all and for showing us that in South Africa there really is so much hope and possibility.
Contact Victor if you’d like to employ his garden services in the North-West Johannesburg area and surrounds.